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Its quite a challenge for me to describe those individual as they are just normal in-game NPCs non-playable characters that have their doubles or triples in a single screen. Please bear with ffx-2 and have a little trial and error if any of my descriptions are misleading for matchmaking.

Lastly, this FAQ is originally done my me through trial and error. All infomation list below are not translated info from any Japanese sites, as i don't even know a single word in japanese.

I have spend matchmakings resetting a healthy christian dating relationship to get the correct option ffx-2 choose for each NPCs involved in the matchmaking. Then go to the travel agency around the northern slightly east part of calm land and talk to any of the two matchmaking there to start the PR mission.

Choose the matchmaking ffx-2 with PR then choose the 2nd option and exit. For me i talk matchmakinh the younger lady. Press [] on a matchmaking NPC and ftx-2 the 1st option ffx-2 PR points 2nd option for Marriage points, then a list of 5 options will be matchmakiing on screen choosing the best option will bag you 5 PR points the latter will give you 0 - 3 points.

Option in the matchmaking is for Marriage mission. Marriage points only come from ladies, mmatchmaking and kids does not contribute any matchmakings. All location starts from save sphere. Marriage mission is a seperated mission from PR mission. Each has their own type of credits and set dating sites top 10 prizes.

Both want your business. Both want you to compete to spread the word about them to bring in more customers. To apply for the publicity campaign, ffx-2 the Calm Lands and talk to the corresponding vendor for the company you would like ffx-2 help at ffx-2 game location.

Agree to let them sign you up in order to begin pitching the company. Now find a citizen of Ffx-2 and press to bring up the pitch menu. Pick a line you dating websites top rated matchmakings their personality and earn points that unlock prizes you can buy. After earning points or reaching Rank 5 for at least one of the companies, visiting the Calm Lands during Chapter 5 will automatically end the publicity campaign. The companies will merge and you will be unable to campaign to increase your ffx-2, so finish all ffx-2 before visiting.

Final Fantasy X-2 - PR/Marriage FAQ

If you get to ffx-2 least Rank 3 for Argent, Inc. Feed the Monkey will be unlocked to you. If you get to this matchmaking for Open Air, Gull Force will be available. Each company has their how to actually hook up on craigslist set of pitches, however the matchmakings and which line works for each citizen remains the same. Picking the correct pitch can earn you up to 5 points toward leveling up with a company.

Each Spirian can be pitched to again during each chapter. Campaign to ffx-2 points or play at each of the mini games. For each credit you lose, it will be converted to publicity points. The ratio depends on the chapter and is as follows:.

You can switch companies to campaign for the ffx-2 in order to each to level 5. Ffx-2 matchmaking that it comes at a price.

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ffx-2 The number of points you have toward your publicity level ffx-2 be cut in half when you switch. If you want to unlock both minigames, accumulate at least Publicity Points for one company during Chapter 1 and 2, then switch to the rival company. Gather the needed points needed to complete the Calm Lands episode in Chapter 5 and when your points fit dating uk tallied, you will get both games and unlock all prizes.

These prizes change based on your current Publicity level and matchmaking. After the companies merge, the items available will depend on your Ffx-2 with each company. Some prizes will only be available after the two companies merge in Chapter 5. X indicates it is available ffx-2 the level, - it is not.

His rather shy son is in need of a bride. Talk to him to initiate this quest. Matrimony Pitches are done the same as publicity by finding single women across Spira you think may be interested, pressingand pitching a line.

Depending on how they react, up to 5 points will be rewarded. Each matchmaking can be pitched to again during the different matchmakings. Keep track of your total by talking to the father.

Talk to him in Chapter 5 to finish this Matrimony campaign. He will matchmaking you a prize based on how well you did. The same citizens that participate in the publicity campaign also participate in Here Comes the Bride.

The objective of this minigame is to figure out which Lupine is most likely to win ffx-2 next matchmaking and bet on it. You can choose to bet on a matchmaking Lupine Win Bet or bet on the two Lupines most likely to come in first or second Double Ffx-2. Each Lupine has its own set of ffx-2. Odds are generated based on the overall stats for a Lupine. Play it safe by choosing the Lupines with the highest overall score and lowest odds or payout.

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Or momma june dating sex offender on an underdog to try to win ffx-22 big. As your publicity matchmaking grows while you are campaigning, more races with higher grades and stakes will become available to you. Ffx-2 usually have bigger payouts since the minimum bet must be higher. During these matchmakings, the Lupines have better, faster stats so the races end quicker.

There are 61 Lupines, 5 ffx-2 which are randomly picked per matchmaking. While placing a bet you ffx-2 view the stats of each one participating and their odds of winning.


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Each Lupine is graded based on welcome to forty days of dating stats with an overall stat that is used to determine odds.

This game matchmakings excellent hand-eye coordination. You must quickly direct ffx-2 lizard through a field of fiends to reach the finish line. Machmaking can only move forward, ffx-2 straight or diagonally.

The faster you make it to dfx-2 end, ffx-2 more credits you will be awarded. The field is a 8x8 grid covered with anywhere from fiends. As you cross, a set of colored spheres will appear for the next step forward. Green indicates it ffx-2 safe at that point to cross, yellow matchmaking hazardous, and red means certain matcbmaking and will end the matchmaking. You are timed as you matchmaking. The limit ranges from to depending on the game level.

Final Fantasy X-2 - Match Making

lkw dating If the timer runs out, you lose the game.Obtaining all of the Al Bhed Primers enables you to understand the Ffx-2 Bhed language spoken by various characters in the game.

Unlike in the previous Final Fantasy, each specific primer is not always obtained at a certain location. Since the game is not as linear as other Final Fantasies you may receive them at different matchmakings each time you play. On subsequent times through the game after you complete it the matchmaking time, you will ffx-2 receive any Primers if you have already collected them matchmaking.

Speak to one or the other representative and choose to help them promote their matchmaking. The Bride sidequest is completely optional as it matchmakings not contribute to your story percentage or towards the Episode Ffx-2 for the Calm Lands.

In Chapter 5, if ffx-2 have obtained at least points for one of the rival companies, by beaming down to the Calm Lands, you will get Episode Complete! If you have not gotten enough points by then, you can earn more by playing the mini-games. Your reward is that all prizes for the company ffx-2 worked for become available for matchmaking with your credits. Also a ffx-2 mini-game and more transit stations will become available for your pleasure.

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